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Is there something you wanted to do when you were a kid, is there a place you wanted to see, is there special someone you will always remember?

Contact Me: love.life.regrets19@gmail.com



Jacket: Simple black leather Jacket
Top: Crop top (black or white)
Jean: High Waist Jean
Shoes: White Sport Shoes
Necklace: Long/medium length
Now add a headband and off you go, beautiful <3
How do you get the life you want and How many heads did you turn? 

Top: Body fit simple crop top sweater.

Bottom: High waist Pant.

Accessories: Big earrings and a cute hat.

Make up: Natural style with simple foundation, lipstick, eyeliner and mascara.

Girls, Less is More

Top: Body fit simple white T shirt

Dress: Dark Green baggy dress.

Jacket: Dark Green travel jacket.

Shoe: White Shoes

Girls, Let's fashionista!

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